Past Events

Understanding the Legacy of H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej
17 July 2017 at Dusit Thani Hotel

It is undeniable that the rule of law constitutes the foundation and is instrumental in developmentof all countries. There are, however, many critical issues facing law enforcement today. Supporting for the delivery of justice and sustainable development represents one of the major challenges. Making decisions amidst potentially conflicting developmental goals and concerns is especially very difficult. There may be situations where one could feel forced to make such choices, for example, between strict adherence to the law and other priorities, such as basic needs to sustain everyday life, technological advancement, preservation of traditional practices and ways of life, national interests, or the protection of the rights of specific groups of people.

Through more than 4,300 developmental projects under royal patronage, the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) graciously shared with the Thai people his insights on development. These royal initiatives have benefited millions of people across Thailand, and these projects have not only created access to education, economic opportunity, and healthcare and nutrition, but also have resulted in people’s empowerment. With the principles of fairness, rule of law, and sustainable development at heart, the royal initiatives can also be valued as being the manifestation of wisdom regarding development policy. Therefore, drawing lessons from such developmental projects would be beneficial for the use of law to promote justice and sustainable development.

The Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ) therefore is honored to organize The 3 TIJ Public Forum on the Rule of Law and Sustainable Development under the topic entitled “The Rule of Law and Sustainable Development by Understanding the Legacy of H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej” The public forum will be attended by distinguished speakers that have extensive experience in national and international development. The speakers will discuss different perspectives on how the royal projects and his majesty’s development philosophy offer values on law enforcement in consideration of the development context and social justice.