Past Events

TIJ-UNODC Public Forum: People-Centred Justice Solutions
03 August 2022 Zoom Meeting

Dr. Phiset Sa-ardyen currently serves as the Executive Director of the Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ). He was previously the Director of the Information Technology and Communication Center at the Ministry of Justice, Thailand. For the period between 2014-2018 Dr. Sa-ardyen served as the Director of the Office of External Relations and Policy Coordination at the TIJ and was actively involved in the successful efforts by TIJ to become affiliated with the United Nations Crime Programme. Moreover, he oversaw the implementation of key policy directives on digital transformation and cyber security across the Ministry of Justice, including MOJ’s flagship project on big data analytics for recidivism prediction and offender rehabilitation. Dr. Sa-ardyen’s research interests cover a wide range of topics including treatment of offenders, access to justice, and linkage between sustainable development and the operation of the criminal justice system.